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All there is to know

MaaP was born during the third year of our graduation as the project for the software engineering class. We were to choose one of five projects, each of which presented by a company or startup, and develop it from the requirement analysis to the final testing and delivery.

The project we chose was the one proposed by CoffeeStrap CEO Alessandro Maccagnan called "MongoDB As an Admin Platform" and, as one can easily imagine, it was about the development of a new administration platform based on the MEAN stack. And that's how MaaP was born.

After passing the exam the team disbanded, but I really enjoyed the work I did and what MaaP came out to be, so I decided I would continue on my own with the development and see what was the real potential of that idea. One of my old teammates is still helping me, especially on the server side.

Giacomo "Jack" Pinato

CEO of Aperture Software
mainly due to lack of competition

Alberto "JK" Garbui

CTO of Aperture Software